I have been an executive VA for almost two decades, and have engaged with all kinds of businesses from real estate to the wine industry. Prior to that, I worked as a high level admin and customer service manager for nationally recognized organizations (email for my resume!). There are all manner of bizarre situations I have encountered and dealt with in those years, and this experience gives me a broad perspective to draw on in my creative processes. Additionally, aside from being an avid reader of all genres, I have a background in music and theatre. Aside from performing on stage I truly enjoy designing and building sets as well. These endeavors involve a huge amount of problem solving, as have all my previous work positions. No matter the job, I have engaged in written communication in the course of doing it. From editing scripts or describing sets, to writing business processes and national convention speeches, I know how to focus on the point and manipulate the language to make sure it speaks directly to the heart of the audience.